Contracting terms and general conditions




EPI GESTIÓN, S.L., in compliance with the Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of information society services and Electronic Commerce, informs the user of the following Contracting Terms and General Conditions.


In this sense, the aim of this document is to regulate the contracting terms and general conditions of the online booking services in which EPI GESTIÓN S.L., with registered office in Saturnino Calleja Street 16, 28002 Madrid. CIF: B-81890006, registered in Madrid Business Register, nº12618, section 8, sheet 174, page M 201777, acts as an intermediary between the client and the establishment of the reservation. Its contact address being [email protected] or via telephone at +34 971783302.


Through this website, EPI GESTIÓN, S.L., provides an online platform which offers accommodations of the Sandos Hotels & Resorts chain and allows for the clients' reservations. When making a reservation through, the client/user establishes a direct contractual relationship with the hotel where the reservation has been done. The foregoing means that, from the moment of the reservation, EPI GESTIÓN, S.L. does not offer accommodation services, nor manages, rents or exploits by any means of legally admissible evidence, nor makes any activity related to the hotel establishments, but it only acts as an intermediary between the client and the establishment, for electronic commerce purposes, transferring the reservation data to the establishment and sending a reservation confirmation email, on behalf of and representing the establishment.


The information we offer has been expressly sent by the hotel establishments, which are responsible of updating the rates, availability and other data published on our website, they being the sole responsible of their veracity and accuracy, notwithstanding this EPI GESTIÓN, S.L. tries to offer an as accurate as possible service. Likewise, EPI GESTIÓN, S.L. does not own or is not owned by any commercial entity exploited or owned by the hotel establishments.


EPI GESTIÓN, S.L. is the owner company of the web, created with the aim of acting as an intermediary in the promotion and selling of hotel services.


The use of these services by the users will entail the full and unconditional acceptance and the validity of each of the general conditions here presented, without the need to reproduce and/or ratify them elsewhere. Hence, the user commits himself to read the contracting conditions every time he contracts a service,so the use or contracting of the services entails the full acceptance of the following conditions, the user simultaneously declaring:


That he is a person able to enter into contracts.

That he has read and accepts the following general contracting conditions.

The user commits himself to filling the forms provided by EPI GESTIÓN, S.L. in behalf of the establishment, or by the hotel in order to do the reservation with the personal data and additional information requested, which is considered essential for the provision of the service.

The contract shall come into effect in Spanish or English.

The addressee will have to verify the reservation data that will appear on screen before connecting with the payment gateway.

The user will always and in any case have access to the general contracting conditions prior the contracting of services process starts, they being stored and/or reproduced in a durable storage medium.




The main aim of the accommodation booking service offered by EPI GESTIÓN, S.L. on its website is to mediate in the reservation of rooms in different hotels where the client makes the reservation in the terms provided by these establishments. The contracting process comprises the following stages:



1. Selecting dates and hotel

In this stage the client needn't register, it is enough to introduce his preferences in the web form regarding dates, number of rooms and number of people.


2. Checking availability

After validating the data introduced and in accordance with those values, the following stage will show the client the availability at the selected hotel.


3. Adding the client's selection to the shopping cart

Once shown the availability of the client's option, the user will have to add his selection to the shopping cart in order to continue with the contracting process.


4. Introducing personal data and confirming the reservation

The client will have to introduce the requested personal data in the web form, as well as to provide the data of his credit card, which will not be charged, but will be used as a guarantee in case of cancellation, as stated in these conditions.

All the fields of this form are compulsory, so they must be filled in before confirming the reservation.

The reservation will be confirmed after this step.

After the confirmation of the reservation, the user will receive a confirmation email in the next 24 hours to the email address provided during the registration, with the reservation number and a summary.


In case you do not receive the email within that period, you will have to check out your emails, including the SPAM folder and, as the case may be, contact us at the email provided above. Likewise, in case of detecting any error in the data, you will inform of that circumstance to that email providing the correct data.


Guaranty: The reservation is confirmed and guaranteed all night with a credit card. In case of no-show, the credit card will be charged (VAT and taxes included) in accordance with the no-show policies of every establishment.


The prices are only valid in writing and during the period stated in them. EPI GESTIÓN, S.L. and/or its subsidiary companies reserve the right to modify these prices without prior notice for justifiable reasons.


The reservation prices will be offered during the reservation process. Prices include the corresponding tax, without prejudice to the application of additional taxes, in accordance with the current local regulations of every country. The aforementioned local taxes must be directly paid at the hotel.


Accordingly, prices shown at the moment of the reservation include the VAT (or the equivalent tax), depending on the applicable tax rate.


In case the applicable tax rate changes between the reservation date and the date of the provision of services, generating a disparity according to the tax regulations, the tax rate applicable to the final price will be the one valid at the moment of the provision of services, or the accumulation of the tax, that even in cases where that produces a rise in relation to the final price provided to the client during the reservation process.


5. Payment of the reservation

The client shall pay the stay booked at his arrival at the hotel.

For his own safety, he shall provide an official identification at check-in in order to confirm the payment. The check-in process will not be completed without this document.

6. Limitation of liability of the hotels

Complaints must be addressed directly to the hotel. At the following emails:


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]



Each of the previous emails contains the hotel name in order to facilitate its identification by the user. Likewise, there are complaint forms at the disposal of the clients at each of the hotels.

The complaint must be done immediately, preferably during your stay at the hotel. In case the complaint is done after the stay at the hotel, the user has 15 days to communicate this circumstance. After this period, the hotels will decline any type of responsibility.

In any case, the liability limit will coincide with the price of the reservation. The establishment will not assume responsibility for the costs and expenses of those professionals that act on behalf of the users.




EPI GESTIÓN, S.L., as indicated by each of the establishments, will be able to modify these conditions providing there is sufficient cause or reason for that, publishing those modifications on the website. In such a case, the establishment that makes the modification will be its direct responsible. It will be understood that there is sufficient cause or reason for the modification, including but not limited to, when the aim of the modification is to:

Extend the wide or number of services offered to the Users to improve the current offer.

Modify, substitute or update the prices of the services offered through the website.

The validity period of these general contracting conditions will be the time frame they are published on the website, and they will be applied to the services acquired when those conditions are available.

In any case, EPI GESTIÓN, S.L reserves the right to modify them unilaterally, without impairing the services contracted by the user prior to the modification, except for those cases in which the user changes or modifies the contracted service, in which case the conditions valid at the time of the change and /or modification will be applied.




The addressee commits himself to use the website and services provided in accordance with the provisions and arrangements included in the contractual conditions, in the provisions of the applicable legislation, ethical behaviour and good practice.

Likewise, the user shall abstain from obtaining the content supplied in the web by illicit or fraudulent means, or by theft, in accordance to the criminal code and the applicable legislation.

EPI GESTIÓN, S.L. reserves the right to refuse any user access to the website, without prior notice.